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For a formal résumé, pleae send me an e-mail: kellymcadams01@gmail.com


Tool List:

  • Impact driver/drill

  • 3M organic vapor respirator

  • Various painting expendables/safety gear

  • Staple gun w/staples

  • Paper cutter/scissors/knives

  • Laser level

  • Various screwdrivers, markers, adhesives

  • Various rolls of tape and headlamps

  • 3-stage Husky tool box w/wheels


  • Aging walls/other materials

  • Faux finishes (wood grain, concrete, etc.)

  • Wall seaming (stage and on-location)

  • Miniature fabrication

  • Major prop house account setup and rentals

  • Set dressing, shopping, returns

  • Foam manipulation

  • Proper receipt presentation for art coordination

  • Petty cash handling/runs

tools & skills list, below!